Lets talk price!

Customise, Combine, Discount, Packages, Subscriptions.

Ok so when it comes to pricing we like to build custom packages to suit. If you are a repeat customer then we will design a system that works for you. Travel involved?  We can work something out as well.. for example you have a real estate shoot but its an hour drive. Well there will be a travel charge but if you have 3 real estate shoots in the area then your travel charge gets devided by 3 and so on ...

Repeat customers please ask us about package deals... we will discount our services when we can by building packages, for example... if you buy 5 photo shoots then you may receive a discount or combine services to form a package.

Weddings and Bigger lifetime events... we custom build our wedding packages as every wedding is different and we offer a range of services.

We love what we do and we want to work with you we are willing do disucss a price that works...

Lets work together!


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